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Hey All,

Well as of next week hell begins, I start with a Midterm on wednesday and then the rest just pile on. Have I been studing this weekend? Not really…..but I’ll figure it out somehow someway haha. This weekend has been fun though, watched a few movies. Reformatted the HTPC and installed the new Raptor. I had some issues with the HD playback at full screen but through a flurry of google searching and forum reading I was able to correct the issue and we can now do 1080p streaming flawlessly again!

I also found a treasure trove of pictures that I just added to my gallery. They cover my Gorman trip in November of last year! Good stuff!

On another note, I found a new fun looking pastebin alternative called snipt I’ll be playing with that over the course of the next few days. It looks all flashy with the web 2.0-ness built in, but we’ll see how it fares in terms of functionality!

Thanks interwebz!

L8rz, Robert

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    Nice…. gotta go riding again soon!