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Thanks to everyone that made this a great weekend! It was the first holidae weekend of the year/quarter and it was spent sleeping, being highly unproductive and hosting plenty of movie nights. On Friday we had Nicole over for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, that was a good movie. On Saturday I went to study with a girl I met in class, she’s cute, quiet, and with my luck, most likely taken….oh well I got some work done which is good. Later that night we had Susan, partially Esther/Andy, over for Seven Pounds, that was a great movie. I loved putting together all the parts from that film. Not to mention engineer = win for something, I won’t spoil it 😉 Lastly, on Sunday night we had Jason, Kristin, Kristin’s friend (who’s name evades me right now) over for Pineapple Express and Slumdog Millionaire. That was another great movie (slumdog that is) Quite in depth and very suspenseful throughout. Hopefully we host more movie nights at our place as they are quite fun and I love getting together with other friends.


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