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Hey All,

Well this post is going to be all about the response to this post. It’s kinda late actually, I’ve had this solution for a few weeks already but I wanted to test it out.

So I realize that I was sorely over thinking the whole development bug/issue tracker dilemma. I stopped and cleared my mind and started to tackle the issue from another angle. Why did I need/want a fancy web 2.0 front end? Why did I need to host my repositories in 3 separate places? Why was I making it so hard for myself?

Well turns out the solution I ended up going with was posted in my previous rant. I finally decided to go with RedMine and what a great decision that was! However there were a few issues that needed to be handled before moving to RedMine:

  • I need a mongrel/rails environment
  • I don’t want to spend gobs of money

The first, well both issues were actually handled at the same time. (Kill two birds with one stone theory?) While I did indeed enjoy my brief time at MediaTemple I definitely could not justify ANOTHER $20/mo on top of the already $20/mo for a mongrel/ruby environment. I’m a college student, sorry MediaTemple.

My answer to this was actually right under my nose. My previous host, JaguarPC, was a superb host. I had been with them for almost a year before trying MediaTemple and moving. (I was with MediaTemple for two months before moving back!) My only real gripes with JaguarPC at the time (when I moved away) were:

  • No custom DNS without opening a ticket (unless I had a reseller account)
  • The server I was on was slow and unreliable.

I wasn’t able to get them to open up a WHM panel for my shared account, but as often as I change DNS I decided it wasn’t a deal breaker. As for the reliability? I opted for one of the semi-dedicated plans, sure it only saves me $10/mo over MediaTemple but from what I’ve heard/read JaguarPCs semi-dedicated plans are rock solid. They even offer a fail-over plan for the semi-dedicated servers, but I decided I didn’t need that.

So for the past almost month now I’ve been happily hosted by JaguarPC again! I miss their support and fun forums. When I was getting setup and moving all my stuff over the support team really bent over backwards for me. I told them that I wanted to install RedMine and they enabled the RoRs support for my account and helped debug any issues that I was having on setup (outside of their scope of support mind you!)

It also turns out that JaguarPC offers SVN repositories from within shell accounts. So I can connect to my repo’s via ssh+svn, this is good but I’m not completely satisfied. At one point or another I’m going to want to have public repo’s that people can just checkout anonymously, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.

Now that I’m up and running with my new RedMine install I do have a few gripes, well one really (will I ever be happy? Nah…) I want more granular control over user/account permissions for the application as a whole. I wanted the ability for the SVN viewing option of a project to be locked to certain users but the rest of the project open to all. One option that some members on the IRC chat offered was to create two projects, one locked down with Repo access and the other open and free. I haven’t implemented that idea yet but it is definitely on my todo list.

Oh yeah… is the link to my RedMine install:

That’s it for now!


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