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Hey All,

So I’ve been keeping tabs on CES 2009 (totally wish I had the moniez to go!) via a few blogs:




These three blogs make up the bulk of my Google Reader account. I have yet to see anything overly amazing come out of CES 2009 (or the MacWorld conference for that matter) however Warner over at GottaBeMobile put up an interesting post earlier today to say the least.

In that post he talked about, Xavier Lanier and his Scott eFleece vest. The concept was actually quite cool and I really REALLY like the amount of pockets that jacket has (not to mention that it looked pretty warm) I being somewhat of a technophile/nerd myself really appreciate some of the features that this jacket offers, the millions of pockets among other things. Although the price is a little steep than I’d probably be willing to pay, I think it is a fantastic gift idea for any nerds dear to you 😉

Scott eVest fleece


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