Portable Apps Anyone?

Well, thanks to the wonderful thing that is Google (my best friend I might add, sorry Esther)I have found yet another gem of an application!


That allows you to run a multitude of the most popular software titles off your USB drive. So now if I go to the library, or to a terminal at work I just have to make sure I take my trusty USB!

I am currently typing this post in Firefox 3.0.1 running off my USB drive!

The best thing is, all my sessions, history, cookies, tabs, passwords, etc. get saved onto the USB drive…so they go with me anywhere I go!

I also run Pidgin, my new IM client (yes….I finally got rid of trillian….)

I’m using Pidgin with this free service I also found on google, IM-History. That app logs all my IMs online for me in an easily searched database. Private of course, but accessible to me!

Until next time!

~Robert Navarro

  • Esther Park

    **Sigh** How can I win a competition with Google? :-(. Hats off to you Google! Haha

  • Sandy

    Have tried IMhistorty before, nice application, but why not set up a private IM network with your friends using BigAnt messenger, you can be the administrator to invite your friends join the instant messaging network, all of the chat history will be safely stored on your local PCs 🙂