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So today was a very eventful motorcycle ride to say the least….It was a long ride, most enjoyable. Complete with no injuries or falls! w00t!

I believe I did a total of 126 miles of riding today, went deep into the back country of Santa Barbara/Santa Ynez. Unfortunately the charger I installed on my motorcycle wasn’t working, and I didn’t realize it until my phone said “Low Battery”. Which means I only got half of my trip on GPS tracks. But I suppose something is better than nothing?

Started out like any other motorcycle ride, me having fun, enjoying life and ripping up the dirt. I was actually able to make it to Jameson lake, the gate was open! w00t…..unfortunately I forgot my camera….yet again….so I didn’t get any pictures of it. (And my phone was dead by that point)

I also managed to find a nice hot spring on my adventure, I stopped there for a while…it was quite nice to relax for a few minutes all alone with no one out there but nature…

As I started making my way back home I stopped in a well shaded area with a few trees. I had seen helicopters going up and down the valley all day so I figured it was just a training exercise of some sort. A few minutes after stopping one of the helicopters starts circling around me. I just smiled and waved at the helicopter while sipping my camel back and eating a power bar. It kept circling so I gave it a thumbs up to let them know I was ok……well the 3rd time I took a closer look at the tail of the helicopter and it turned out to be the sheriff…..hmm ok….w/e I’ll just keep eating. A few minutes after that a truck rolls up quite quickly and 3 rather large men jump out, hands on their holsters yelling at me “Don’t move! Don’t Move!”……well shit, I’m not going anywhere, I’m just resting eating my power bar…. One of them asks “Hablas espanol” (Do you speak Spanish…..translated for those of you who don’t know)….I respond, yes….and I speak English too….They ask for my id, and want to know what I’m doing here…..well uh….*looks at motorcycle* I’m out for a ride….and I’m taking a break *looks at power bar*…..He then proceeds to ask me where I came from….I just turn and point at the road I came from…completely dumbfounded…. After a search of my backpack, and my jacket the tension had ceased…….they sheriff/officers/whatever explained to me that they thought I was part of an operation that was taking place….. I was very curious about that, so I asked hehe…..he said it was a sting operation and they were cleaning up “some weeds” riiiight…..

So I guess I fit the profile of a drug trafficking mexican….*shrug* oh the many adventures of me and my moto rides…..

GPS Tracks made possible by PathAway for my phone =)

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