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Friday, May 29th, 2009 | Author:

Hey All,

Well I’m not sure the exact date and time, but I just got wind that Server Fault just started it’s public beta! I’ve been waiting for this for a bit now. Server Fault is based off the same concept of Stack Overflow in that it fosters community involvement to solve problems. It has an excellent tagging system and fantastic voting system (those of you that reddit know how great voting can be!)

Although there are a few bugs in the system still….it is a beta. I tried logging in with my Google OpenID and Server Fault asked me if I wanted to migrate my account information over from Stack Overflow, I gladly complied….but that broke and nothing got migrated. However, this doesn’t seem like an isolated event as there are a few other people that have experiencedit and there is an open bug? on uservoice

Kudos to the Stack Overflow team for expanding their service model to other areas, I’m sure Server Fault will be just as successful, if not more =)

That’s all for now…..laterz

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