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Wasting Time….

Hey All,

Haven’t updated in a while…I know…..but who follows this thing anyways? Noone….

It’s a Saturday evening, didn’t really do any studing at all today…which is a VERY bad thing since I did horrible on most all of my midterms….*sigh*

Instead today I did the following:

  • Upgraded the fileserver kernel, which failed miserably so I reverted back
  • Found some old pictures on a dusty SD card and uploaded them to my gallery, which now contains 3,198 items! w00t
  • Worked on SCO2.0 a little bit…I have to rewrite that bad boy pretty much from the ground up, but oh well…the first time around was a HUGE learning experience….cakephp FTW!

Yeah, nothing overly exciting….and definately nothing pertaining to school *sigh* I’ll get to that….soon….


Well….it begins again….today was the official first day of school. I can’t really say that i’m too excited….i’m going to be a Junior….things will only get harder. However, on the upside….I am now in my apartment and all it’s glory with my roommate Jared (great guy!)

It’s definately something that i’ve been looking forward to, the parking spot below, the kitchen to actually cook in, the living room with all of it’s home theater glory, and that’s not even counting the awesome bedroom layout.

Jared was able to hook us up with nice, comfy leather couches and more kitchen utensils than you can shake a stick at! Definately looking forward to this aspect of the year, the first time living in an apartment since I got kicked out of my moms house many many many moons ago, oh the memories….not?

This quarter i’m taking it somewhat light, only 3 classes….ECE 132, ECE 2C, and Physics 5. Hopefully the 3 classes will not present obscene challenges in terms of academics, not really feeling up to it right now haha.

The first day was definately boring, had to wake my ass up at 7am to get to my 8am class…..*sigh* that never gets any easier….even from freshman year….all in all I think that’s the only crappy part of this quarter. Weekends start on Friday at 5pm and end on Monday at 12pm which is good. That will hopefully lend itself to plenty of snowboarding trips this fall. Definately looking forward to that!

Well until next time….l8rz!