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Wednesday, May 13th, 2009 | Author:

Hey All!

Post title totally inspired by TF2…so be sure to say it in that voice =P

As I’m sure most of you locals, and you non-locals that watch the news, have heard that there is yet another epic fire in Santa Barbara…this will make it the 5th? fire that I’ve experienced during my time here at UCSB! So as per tradition, I set out to get some cool pictures of the carnage in action! A link to the full gallery can be found here. And some of the highlights below:

All these were taken with my trusty Sony A200 rocking the ghetto ass BeerCan Telephoto.

Until next time….laterz

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Monday, April 27th, 2009 | Author:

Hey All,

So today I was finally able to go on a fun photo shoot with Susan! She wanted to learn more about her SLR system and how to take pictures so I figured it’d be a fun trip to go play the role of the teacher for once. We took pictures State Street, the Santa Barbara Pier (Sterns Warf), Santa Barbara Mission and up in the Santa Barbara mountains. Here’s a link to my Gallery and some of my favorite shots are below:

Hope you enjoyed that! =D

Until next time…..Robert

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Saturday, December 06th, 2008 | Author:

Hey All,

Haven’t updated in a while…I know…..but who follows this thing anyways? Noone….

It’s a Saturday evening, didn’t really do any studing at all today…which is a VERY bad thing since I did horrible on most all of my midterms….*sigh*

Instead today I did the following:

  • Upgraded the fileserver kernel, which failed miserably so I reverted back
  • Found some old pictures on a dusty SD card and uploaded them to my gallery, which now contains 3,198 items! w00t
  • Worked on SCO2.0 a little bit…I have to rewrite that bad boy pretty much from the ground up, but oh well…the first time around was a HUGE learning experience….cakephp FTW!

Yeah, nothing overly exciting….and definately nothing pertaining to school *sigh* I’ll get to that….soon….

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