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Hey All,

I REALLY REALLY apologize for not updating this thing. School has been quite ridiculous for the better part of this year. Nonstop labs and homework, I can’t wait until the end of this quarter…I may actually be able to breath!

So today’s blog post is about a little script that has been working faithfully for me for some time now. However, I have decided to just recently release it to the public. I’m not sure how much exposure it’ll get, but it’s out there now…well almost!

This script is used to organize your digital movie collection (you know, all the rips of your legitimately purchased movies?) I personally think this script is the best thing since sliced bread, but as the author I may be slightly biased… The script will look in your movie directory for an imdb.txt file that contains the imdb URL for that movie (it’ll also look in .nfo files) Once it finds the imdb URL the magic begins! The script pulls the official movie title from imdb along with the release year. The script also grabs posters and backdrops from TMDB to make your collection XBMC friendly. Once armed with this information it moves your movies into the specified directory and renames all the folders with the format: “<Movie Title> (<Release Year>)” The script takes into account special characters that Windows can’t stomach. (Such as :, which gets translated to ; )

As Billy Mays would say….But wait! There’s more!

The script also reads the original source directories for the strings 720p and 1080p. If it finds either of these strings the resultant output folder name will change to:” <Movie Title> (<Release Year>) HD <resolution>” Eventually I’d like to add support for reading the media files themselves and checking what resolution they really are, but for now folder names will have to do.

I am a fan of Asian films, primarily Korean Dramas and Japanese Action flicks. I personally choose to isolate this genre of film from my regular movie set. As such, this script has the added bonus of separating films that it deems are “asian”. (This is user controlled of course!)

Now for the goodies, where do I get it?

You can clone the source (and report bugs) from my codaset project page:

Hopefully this script benefits some people as it has benefited me. This has saved me loads of time and has help to unify my media collection in a singular format. Once again, sorry for the lack of posts…I’ll try to keep updating this thing as I’ll probably have some more time after this quarter.

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