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Oops this post got stuck in “drafts” and was supposed to go out some time ago…I’ll work some magic to the dates 😉

Hey All,

So I guess it’s been a month since my last post, shame shame I know, things are starting to wind down for me. ResNet is coming to an end for me and I get a much needed 1.5 week vacation before school. On the upside, development work has been kicking up in the last few weeks so I’ve been keeping busy with some really cool projects.

I forgot exactly how I found this, probably some link in a link in a link from the Programming subreddit, but I thought it was very comical and some of it fairly true. Unfortunately I see myself as the “The Code Cowboy”, this is something I really want to change in the next few months. I have explored Unit Testing and TDD in the past and realize how powerful it can be when putting all the pieces together, but I have yet to successfully grasp it’s usage in any real application larger than doing simple arithmatic.

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