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Hey All,

Well first of all, shame on me…I didn’t post a single darn thing during the month of June. It’s not that nothing happened, I was just lazy….I might back date a few posts just to fix that…

On a completely unrelated note….if you’ve read some of my posts you’d know that I left my old company (eFireHost) in March of 2009. After doing so, I had some time to collect my thoughts and see what I wanted to do. What came out of that was my very own, Phiivo. My new company, poised to be a software development and consulting business, is now one step closer to being legitimate. I started the incorporation processes a few weeks ago and have been patiently eagerly awaiting the paperwork and details. Today, on a whim I might add, I decided to check the California Corporations database. Lo and behold, Phiivo was registered! So I’m now one step closer to realizing my dream of a software company =)

So now I just need to get all the paperwork mailed back to me so I can finalize the incorporation process and get things moving along!

That’s it for now! L8rz

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