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Monday, December 08th, 2008 | Author:

This just in…..from my friends over at Lifehacker…..a new firefox strapon that allows me to display all my Google apps in my gmail page. Thus eliminating 4 tabs from my lineup =D

Here is a link to the mod: Integrated Gmail [Via: Lifehacker]

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Saturday, December 06th, 2008 | Author:

Hey All,

Haven’t updated in a while…I know…..but who follows this thing anyways? Noone….

It’s a Saturday evening, didn’t really do any studing at all today…which is a VERY bad thing since I did horrible on most all of my midterms….*sigh*

Instead today I did the following:

  • Upgraded the fileserver kernel, which failed miserably so I reverted back
  • Found some old pictures on a dusty SD card and uploaded them to my gallery, which now contains 3,198 items! w00t
  • Worked on SCO2.0 a little bit…I have to rewrite that bad boy pretty much from the ground up, but oh well…the first time around was a HUGE learning experience….cakephp FTW!

Yeah, nothing overly exciting….and definately nothing pertaining to school *sigh* I’ll get to that….soon….

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