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Hey All,

So it’s been a month or so since I last updated….my how time flies…..been a busy last few weeks. Engineering has been kicking my ass up and down the block with no apparent signs of letting up. Hopefully I can get all my work finished up during the week so I can head home this weekend. Planning to goto knotts scary farm with some friends and spend some time with Mom as it’s her b-day.

On a side note, I finally got the new pipe for my motorcycle. I love it….it’s so quiet! (yeah….you read that right…) When i’m on the freeway I hear the wind and tire’s over the exhaust now, that’s awesome! With that I can ride it around more freely and not worry about getting busted for a noise voilation or something of that nature.

I did notice a slight (ever so slight) decrease in performance with the new pipe, but I think I can live with that given the significant decrease in sound. I went on a test ride to break it in and I loved it. Sadly one of my clostest riding spots got closed down (Refugio fire road). Most likely due to the fire that was raging in those parts during the summer. So I had to make my way over to Paradise/Lower Oso. I should be putting up GPS maps and a ride report soon (just have to figure out how to download the data in linux)

Until Next time….

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    Esther Park 

    I really do like the new theme :). The color is what surprises me the most (NOT). It’s fun getting to see you at least once a week :). Oh, and when will these snowboarding trips occur??? :).

  2. 2

    Glad you like it! Wow…someone actually reading this thing? *Gasp*