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Well I know I haven’t really been keeping up with the blog posts, but it’s not like anyone ever reads this anyways right?? Well after reading a few interesting, and well worded I might add, blog entries over at my friends blog (Carlos G @, I figured I might return to give an update on my own!

So here we go:

  1. Jared, my roommate is on his way down from Sacramento today, I’m going to help him get all settled in.
  2. Forgot the keys to my moto back home, so this whole week I’ve been doing the bicycle thing, kinda hits home as to how much I’m out of shape! *sigh*
  3. I went on vacation for a week (9/1/08 – 9/7/08) that was relaxing and somewhat productive I suppose. That entailed a few days in Palm Springs with mom and g-money. I returned to the city and did some stuff at my dads house. Met up with the business partner and discussed some business stuff, we then proceeded to go to Fry’s to purchase him an xbox360. ($200 not bad!) I then returned home to Santa Barbara (yes I have like 20 homes!)
  4. Friend has a new BF, happy for her. However we don’t talk that much anymore, but I guess it’s to be expected! I went through the same thing once *memory bubble appears*
  5. I’m starting to get things straight with phpcake. Once you get the hang of it the methodologies and ideas just seem to flow. MVC, it just makes sense!
  6. I’ve also settled at home with my new IDE (cross platform ftw!) I’m running eclipse with a bunch of PHP strap-ons, I’m also trialing Zend Studio for eclipse, nice but will I dish out the cash for that bad boy? We’ll see…
  7. I move into the Apt on Saturday and out of FT on Saturday, bye bye FT….I’ll never ever live there again *tear…..regains composure* On the plus side I’ll never have to move all my shiznit….so there are pr0’s and c0ns O_O
  8. Want to give a shoutout to my friends over at JaguarPC for hosting me and all my ventures. Great support and great uptime!
  9. Maybe Carlos is right….this blog post turned out to be a little more drawn out than I intended =O
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