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Thursday, July 24th, 2008 | Author:

Well I have begun coding my latest application, SiriusMCE. It’s going to be an addon for VMC (Vista Media Center) that will allow people to play Sirius Satellite radio streams from withing VMC.

I have been doing a lot of readin on the matter, I need to get back up to speed on the whole C# and MCML (Basically Microsofts version of XML for Media Center). I haven’t touched C# in AGES, so it’s taking some time. Luckily most languages these days are OOP so it’s not too much of a switch over from PHP (My favorite! =D).

I’ll Post updates as I make progress….maybe…

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Sunday, July 20th, 2008 | Author:

Well this post is in response to a post I made MANY moons ago

Many things have changed since that post. I no longer have use a Treo 650. I have since upgraded to my trusty Motorola q9h:

Which means I now rock 3G (Treo only had edge), a larger keyboard, a built in GPS unit (Treo had to use an external Dell bluetooth unit). However, I do lose my precious touch screen. Even to this day I still miss my touch screen (I got my moto q9h during spring break!)

My trusty Moto Q is rocking a bad ass aluminum case from the guys over at

Sometime between the purchase of my Moto Q and now I also purchased the GPS mount that was mentioned in the older GPS post….here is some eye candy of that:

I currently use PathAway as my offroad GPS solution and Garmin Mobile XT as my turn-by-turn GPS solution. Both of these work well but I need to find more maps for PathAway, and Garmin needs to get their act together and speed up the re-routing feature of XT.

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Sunday, July 20th, 2008 | Author:

Welp, another long time no update…oh well not like anyone reads this thing anways eh? haha

Went for a nice ride on Saturday (7/19/08) afternoon/evening. Went out to go visit the leftovers of the GAP Fire….it definitely did some damage to the landscape =(

Here are a few photos that I took right off of West Camino Del Cielo:

Lots of charred territory….no bueno

I soon got kicked out of the area by the USFS, thanks guys! >.<

I then proceeded to ride out to Pendola ranger station, never made it though….’le sigh…about 7/8ths of the way there I took a turn going a tad too fast and slid out. I had it in a controlled slide for a bit and was about to recover, but wouldn’t you know it….a rock decided to pop out of no where! The rear tire hit the rock and I lost control of the slide, bike went down on top of my left leg and slid for like 10 ft. I was PISSED! As the bike went down i was saying “No No NO!” as i knew the handle bars were going to get all bent up. Well, they did….during my fit of rage and large doses of adrenaline I was actually able to bend the handle bars back into position about 1 1/2 inches. Couldn’t get it any further than that….damnit! Needless to say I rode back with a whack left side of my motorcycle, which facilitated the following list of repairs:

Product Description Price Qty Sub Total
Pro-Taper Contour 1 1/8″ Handlebar Carmichael Bend Black Part# 1087010012 62.99 1 $62.99
Primary Drive 520 RDO O-Ring Chain 520×108 Part# 1021270013 46.75 1 $46.75
EBC Brake Pad – Sintered Metal – 1994 Suzuki DR350SE (Front) Part# 1045010010 26.99 1 $26.99
EBC Brake Pad – Sintered Metal – 1994 Suzuki DR350SE (Rear) Part# 1045010012 26.99 1 $26.99
Tusk Universal Handlebar Riser Kit 7/8″ Bars Part# 1134270003 19.99 1 $19.99
80/100×21 Kenda K760 Trakmaster II Part# 1054690013 30.99 1 $30.99
120/100×18 (5.00/5.30×18) Kenda K760 Trakmaster II Part# 1054690010 45.99 1 $45.99

asdfasdfasdf <– Not a typo….mad to no end…

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Thursday, June 12th, 2008 | Author:

Haven’t updated this in a while *shrug*

Well here it is, Thursday June 12 2008. One more final to go….Anth 3 joy…

Almost get to go home, hopefully if I feel up to it i’ll do a small little recap blurb of the year….

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Tuesday, February 19th, 2008 | Author:

What a day, chock full of studying for my midterm tomorrow oh joy…..well not so much studying, but the midterm is still tomorrow haha!

Decided to go on a motorcycle ride today, 2 hours turned into 3 turned into 4….oh well it’s done and I had fun.

Today was the first test of the new gas tank that I installed this last weekend. I have yet to experience any issues (aside from the initial fill at the gas station). There is no loss of power and starts on a dime *knocks on wood*

Went for a ride today off paradise road, there was more there than the last time I went….tree’s had fallen down left and right….made for a very interesting ride to say the least! At the end of the trail I met up with 3 other riders, one had a snazzy plated KTM that I envied, another had a CRF450x (nice bike there too) and the last had a yamaha, didn’t catch the model number….or most of their names to be honest haha. (The one I did get was Gabriel, nice guy)

These guys rode pretty fast, we all turned around and left and I pulled up the rear to see if I could keep up, I did keep up….but they definitely gave me a run for my money! Hadn’t ridden that hard in MONTHS, but all in good fun. I only fell once…I was pissed…tweaked the bars….have to get those fixed soon…. I also managed to pop a fuse as I swam through the dozens of streams on my bike (fun fun!) luckily I was able to push start my baby to get her running until I could bust out the repair tools back home!

Well for those who care, and those who don’t, here is a little post-ride eye candy:


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